Hungarian courses in Budapest

Individual and Company Language Courses

Everyday communication:

  • Directions
  • Shopping
  • Socializing, small talk
  • Reservations
  • Visiting
  • Regional studies as a topic of a conversation

Application and workplace communication:

  • The interview
  • Introductions
  • Work relations
  • Business trips

Available on every level on your demand.

I believe in cutting edge communication methods. Personalized courses offer a more flexible approach considering intensity, the covered subjects and methods.

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Beginner (Basic language usage): 50 units (45 min.)

1-2Hungarian language peculiarities
3-4Pronunciation, intonation, vocal harmony
5-6Welcome, introductionPolite phrases
Formal and informal
7-8Signs and postersReading, practicing pronunciation
9-10At the airport
Ordering a taxi
Personal pronoun
Indefinite conjugation in the present tense
11-12How good is your hungarian?
How are you?
What is your name?
What do you think?
How's that? Question word
The -ul, -ül prefixes
13-14In the caféCases of the noun
Nominative / accusative
15-16In the hotel
Room reservation
Money exchange
17-18What is your name?Accusative
19-20Exercise of numbers and units of measure
Singular and plural
Where? Where? Where from? Where to?
23-24Verbs for movement
25-26Where are you going?
Exercise: verbs for movement
27-28Where? Where? Where from? Where to? With what?
Come, go, run
Word order
Written grammar exercise
29-30In the restaurantConjugation and exceptions
31-32PurchasesInfinitive + modal verb
33-34How much is that?Adjectives
35-36My workplaceParticiple
37-38By taxiExercise: -ik verbs
39-40Where are you from?Specific conjugation
Exercise: questions and answers
Exercise: time stamps
41-42European countries and capitalsVerbs in the past tense
43-44How to find usTransformation from the present to the past
45-46At the stationFormulating, practicing the past
47-48Buy a ticketVocabulary and grammar
49-50ReiterativenessPresentation of the requirements of the language test

Advanced (Independent language usage): 50 units (45 min.)

1-2Consideration of prior knowledge, setting of objectives (examination requirements)
3-4Summer holidays
Essay in the past tense
5-6My plansFuture
Time and place determination
7-8My familyGenitive declination in singular and plural
9-10Friends and familyComparison of adjectives (increase)
11-12Profession and studiesCompound sentence
13-14At the doctor
In the pharmacy
15-16Your own four wallsRepetition: positioning
17-18My dear Gerd,Personal letter
19-20Dear Director,Official correspondence
21-22Program organizationConditional
23-24Let's do some sports!Imperative
25-26Visiting friendsVocabulary extension
27-28In budapest
Places of interest, going out
Exercise: present, past and future
29-30HungaryRegional studies
31-32Festivities, celebrations
Customs, traditions
33-34Grammar exerciseConjugation, tenses
35-36Grammar exerciseNoun declension
37-38Grammar exerciseCases of the noun
39-40Grammar exerciseAdjective and adverb
41-42Grammar exerciseTenure
43-44Grammar exerciseThe conditional and the imperative
45-46In the café
At the travel agency
In the outdoor pool
Image description (free formulation)
Vocabulary extension
47-48Translation exerciseFrom the foreign language into the mother tongue
49-50Translation exerciseFrom the mother tongue into the foreign language

Business Hungarian: 36 units

Übersetzung Dolmetscher Kurs Course Fordító
1-2Application and interview, presentation
3-4The contemporary office, corporate hierarchy
5-6The contract of employment, daily, weekly, monthly and annual rules of professional life
7-8Presentation of the company and the portfolio
9-10Telephone conversations: greeting, rejection, farewell, leaving a message
11-12Business correspondence: letter types, structure (sender, recipient, subject, address, text body, phrases, farewell, signature, letterhead and footer)
13-14Contacting foreign company representatives verbally and in writing
15-16Request and submit an offer
17-18Order and feedback, invoicing
19-20Payment request and complaint in word and writing
21-22Making appointments verbally and in writing
23-24Conference: useful phrases, protocol
25-26Business negotiation: useful phrases for argumentation and conclusion
27-28Presentation: introduction, twists and turns, reacting to questions, discourse
29-30Invitation to reception, fair, dinner
31-32Room and table reservation
33-34Polite phrases: greetings, apologies, congratulations
35-36Small talk