ungarisch lehrer

Hungarian private teacher in Budapest

Advantages of private lessons compared to small group lessons

The private teacher receives the student in a friendly environment for face-to-face conversations. The private student needs not be ashamed of his or her lack of knowledge, which he or she hides in small groups, let alone in larger learning groups, but which constantly hinders him or her from understanding. The student needs not feel embarrassed or put to unnecessary tests at the beginning of his development.

In the relaxed atmosphere his language skills are unlocked. The private teacher adapts to his specific wishes, to his pace. Only in an uninhibited environment can one develop linguistic self-confidence - after all, this is how we acquired our mother tongue. Every student needs different material because their interests are so different. The private student can expect to be taught in a way that suits his learning habits. Students who choose a private teacher are much more demanding from the outset.

In the private lessons you can learn all kinds of nuances, and the appropriate material is quickly found, even multimedia materials. The latter can also be used outside the lessons or after the course. In short, in the case of private lessons, the student is at the center.

Those who go to a private teacher usually have little time, or can only go to classes irregularly.

Of course, the most effective way is to practice the language in a natural environment. Everyday activities such as going to restaurants, shopping, etc are excellent for practicing languages. City tours or accompanying interpreting are extras that a private teacher can also offer.