ungarisch sprachkurs

Hungarian language course in Budapest

How many lessons does it take?

One unit is 45 minutes long.

Beginners in private courses need around 50 lessons for basic language knowledge (level A2 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages).

Another 50 lessons to reach the intermediate level (B2).

And another 50 lessons for the advanced level (C2).

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I recommend 2 or 3 weekly appointments for the regular language course over a longer period.
50 units17 sessions, 3 units per session
25 sessions, 2 units per session

If you immediately need language skills I recommend an intensive language course. That means we take 4 or 5 units per session.

50 units2 weeks, 5 sessions per week, 5 units per session
2 weeks, 6 sessions per week, 4 units per session

How much does the language course cost?

I provide a discount for trainees, students, interns, underage, disabled and unemployed persons.

Couplediscount: If the course is for 2 people, the second student will receive 50% discount.

Courses on your company location add some additional travel fees (in Budapest +1 hourly rate / session).

The price for company group sessions depends on the distance of the location, the number of students and of special requests.

Ask for an individual price offer here!

What do you need to know about Hungarian language courses?

I start a Hungarian course with a written and oral exam, and according to the tests I classify the student to a certain level of knowledge. That determines the order of conversation topics and the related grammar.

If you going to use the language in work and basic language knowledge is required, than the emphasis is on speaking (understanding and simple replies) with some vocabulary.

Sometimes we fill up a whole notebook with simple sentences, so the student can respond to the colleagues in the first few months of work. But this is only the beginning; the language knowledge will deepen in native atmosphere.

If you are planning to take a language exam, the vocabulary and grammar is equally important.

At the end of the basic Hungarian course we need to reach basic communication knowledge so the student can manage everyday situations.


The aim of an intermediate Hungarian language course is to reach a comfortable language usage and more complex expressions and phrasing.

The advantage of the language course I provide is that we study the Hungarian in English as a working language – which is not available in state courses because of the multi-national composition of the students.

Also the private courses offers individual progress and correction of personal lacks.