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Intensive Hungarian courses in Budapest

Regular course

1 unit = 45 min.

50 units16 × 3 + 1 × 2 units17 sessions, 3 units per session
25 × 2 units25 sessions, 2 units per session

Intensive course

1 unit = 45 min.

50 units10 × 5 units2 weeks, 5 sessions per week, 5 units per session
11 × 4 + 1 × 6 units2 weeks, 6 sessions per week, 4 units per session

Who takes an intensive course? What is the structure of an intensive course?

Let me tell you a story about one of my Austrian customers, who was applying for a job that required the usage of Russian. In the beginning the 4-hour-sessions proved themselves as exhausting. Anyone who has been abroad for a longer period knows that translating 12 hour a day tires the mind extremely. This also causes a deeper sleep at night, which is concerned as helpful in learning anything.

On the last 4 days of the 50-lesson-intensive course (the last 16 hours) a great progress was noticeable not only in my customer's performance but also in its general condition. So basically after 8 days he passed a borderline, after the foreign language became he’s own too. He spoke a very good Russian after 50 lessons and he also got the job.

For language courses over a longer period I suggest 2 or 3 sessions a week. When taking only two sessions, it is wise to do homework regularly. One lesson supposed to be 2 or 3 times 45 minutes, depending on other activities.


If you need to acquire usable language knowledge within a few weeks, we are talking about an intensive course. Depending on habitude one should take 4 or at most 5 units per day. In these cases a recreative weekend is advisable. Learning or studying anything else simultaneously isn’t good; that would be on the expense of efficiency. The ability to think on another language is an intellectual effort that requires one's complete attention.