ungarisch lehrer

Hungarian teacher in Budapest


I am a teacher with 40 years of experience. I taught in secondary schools, universities, firms, in financial areas (banks, insurance company), in diplomacy, and as a tutor. I taught hundreds of students with different backgrounds.

Deák Sári német tanár, német magántanár

My wide range of qualifications insures high quality:

  • Russian language and literature teacher
  • Hungarian language and literature teacher
  • Hungarian as a foreign language teacher
  • Further studies: Translator & Interpreter at the Universities of Budapest and Vienna
  • More than 20 years of teaching company employees
  • More than 30 years of teaching in public education

    I taught and studied at Cambridge (UK), Göttingen, Vienna, Graz and St. Petersburg (Leningrad).

Good language teachers excel by...

In regular sense the language teacher knows the culture of the certain nation through, if not living there than, literature. The language teacher has a wide understanding, and quite erudite and knows how to keep up interest, teaches through stories and tales. It is important to provide a casual atmosphere at the first impression. This demands a certain type of personality. A language teacher, especially a tutor supposed to take the student as equal. A tense student, who is unable to express oneself and is under stress, would require a professional, trustworthy partner. These emphasize the importance of patience.

The methods of language teachers have been continuously improving since the seventies. But considering the content for language teachers, it is not the most versatile. The improvement of a teacher after educing the proper methods will head to a pedagogic and psychological direction. Most importantly a teacher deals with people, solving obstacles of learning, studying, this is the challenge that brings excitement in his everyday life.