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Hungarian classes in Budapest

By public transport

My office is located in the 19th district. It is within walking distance from M3 (Metro 3) stop Kőbánya-Kispest.

Who applies for Hungarian classes?

In all Hungarian language speaking countries at least basic Hungarian language is a necessity for job appliance.

In everyday life of a foreigner it is pretty uncomfortable to lack the ability of speaking.

Integrating classes in Austria take good care of foreign language students, but this would need the adjustment of their standards and language. Civil servants and office workers are tired of the mumbling of different nationalities and understanding difficulties. To get along between Austrian offices, to manage the own business in writing, speaking or on the phone, especially in the fast-paced Budapest, you need a good understanding of the Hungarian language.


Among those who attend Hungarian classes there are many skilled workman preparing themselves for job interviews, even so they work in Austria, and they have Austrian colleagues. But I have met cases where a child, who has been brought up in a bilingual family and went to a bilingual school, still needed tutoring in Hungarian.

Since life is not all about work, the topics of Hungarian language classes also include the knowledge of Budapest, the public transportation, available free time activities, attractions.